Thursday, October 23, 2008


"White Rabbit" Graphite
I've been a little bit behind on my illos, so I thought I'd make sure I did a quick sketch before I ran out of time. I thought that since I'm leaving tonight for Disney World, this would be appropriate!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Redmond Ridge Trick-or-Treat

"Redmond Ridge Trick-or-Treat 2008" Digital
Here's the final version of a poster I made for the Redmond Ridge Merchants Association trick-or-treat. I love Halloween (as stated previously) so this was a fun project for me. It started out complicated and had to get simplified (see original illo below). That's right, 'Boolangerie.' That's for you Honey Hair! Boy, I could use some apple cider!

Thursday, October 9, 2008


"Sugar High" Watercolor, Digital
Oh yeah, it's on. A couple days of rain, a temporary temperature drop, and I'm all Halloweeny. I think I'll be using this witch girl in another project I'm working on. Still no decorations out, it's still too messy, but I think I will slowly bring out some of the more discrete ones. Costume production is now in full swing, I've bought myself some good will curtains that will make for a very nice red jacket and I've moved into the molding process on G's cane. When I find my camera cable ther will be pictures.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Happy October!

"Pumpkin Princess" Watercolor
Fall is my favorite season, and I adore Halloween, but I haven't really been getting into the fall feeling. Apparently it's weather triggered. Right now in Nashville, it feels like the glorious early summer days of the northwest. So, instead of the jacket and boots below pictured, I'm still wearing sequiny skirts and bright colors.
While my watercolors were out, however, and I was in a fashiony sort of mood, I thought I'd render an idea I had last Halloween time when there seemed to be bubble skirts all around. Some day I will be making this dress for Halloween and finding some way to convince my hair to be orangeish and curly. Someday I will also be the gotharina that I did last year, I've already been the black widow several times (I had a good hat for it). This year, it's off to Disney World with a villain theme, so Captain Hook it is! I will have some posts on the costume making process, especially of G's costume which includes what is going to be a rather fabulous and time-consuming cane.


"The Traveller" Watercolor
Just a quick one this week. I meant to do a painting like this (but from a diferent angle) a long time ago but never did. I love this hat. The long lost hat that I found in Italy and lost in Corsica. And yes, those would be my favorite jacket and boots. Okay, I have the skirt too and it's all flowy and fun to wear. So it became a self portrait of me in my favorite clothes :)