Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Student Art Show

"Just Dandy" Acrylic, etc.
Today was the last day to submit art for the student show at Centennial Art Center. So of course, I had to make a new one at the last minute. This one, unlike the rest, has no prior claim and can be sold. After taking Hazel's suggestion, it is up for $350.
Since I've never really painted my stuff in a classroom environment, it's kind of funny to see what people think of it as I go. Generally, they don't expect you to go from painting a pretty face to giant hairdo...and then put pearls in it. And the hummingbird was apparently just over the top. But, I fought off Hazel's attempts to have me sign it and be done, and I think I rather like it. I might do a series of 3 dandies.

Sunday, November 1, 2009


I've mentioned it before, but I may as well mention it again, I am a huge fan of Halloween. And I spend a ridiculous amount of time on costumes. Because I have to make them. I can't remember ever having bought one. Ever. Before I made my own, my mom made them for me. We made the below Disney ones for Mickey's not so Scary Halloween Party. But no one outside of Disney was going to recognize the Sherrif of Nottingham, and I wasn't a huge fan of the way my costume came out. It didn't fit right and it was spray painted. So, after some closet diving, we came up with the dead pirate plan. Arg.