Friday, January 20, 2012

Fascinator Friday: Now, Voyager

Pinwheel Fascinator
Pinup glamour. Playful silliness.  Sisters Felicity and Jess of Now, Voyager create a range of exciting doodads that you never knew you always wanted to put in your hair.  Like adorable knit desserts and pretty little parrots for example.  Inspired by the pinup revival movement and Harjuku style, what they appreciate the most is style commitment. As they say, "if you don't believe you look fabulous, why should any one else?" And they have just the products to get you to believe!
Seaside Bucket Fascinator
Knitted Bakewell Tart Hair Clip

Lovingly hand-crafting their wares, they've also started offering tutorials for vintage hair styling on theirwebsite. They've even started a Save the Victory Roll campaign, teaching people the skills to keep this fabulous 40's hairstyle from being lost to history.  You can check out all of the colorful fun at theirfacebook andtwitter pages, or find yourself a fun, affordable doodad at their shop!

Dolly Straw Hat Fascinator

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Christmas Berry Woodland Crown
All sparkly Holiday stuff is 30% off...and much of it will work for winter formals or next years' festivities!  Take a peek at the shiny sale section here!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Fascinator Friday Returns: Taissa Lada Designs

Vintage Inspired Black and White Feather Headband
 I love a good dramatic piece.  One that maybe barely fits in a normal-sized door, because, after-all, the grandeur of the woman wearing it is meant for a more throne-sized room.  An impressive hat can be the best hallmark for the woman of importance.  That is why I now direct your attention to Taissa Lada Designs.  With a flair for the dramatic, Taissa Lada creates pieces that are fit for runways and formal balls and royal court visits.  Featuring swooping feathers and sometimes a dab of netting, her creations are at once sassy and intense...and bound to make an impression.

You can find her store on Etsy and on Ebay

Also, she's having a sale...Go forth to inspire and be inspired!