Thursday, May 21, 2009


"The Yawn" Digital Painting
I remember hearing about someone who wrote a philosophy paper on yawns and why they are contagious. Something about how the person yawning near you is sucking in enough air to change the air pressure around you causing you to yawn as well...I thought it was silly but clever.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


"Pink Elephants on Parade" Vector Art
Phew, managed to pick something doable. Or rather I started on time. Once I came up with the thought of pink elephants on parade (a la Disney), I wanted them patterned, and then I wanted to make my own pattern. And I've wanted for a while to make a Damask-ish pattern (they're plaid and polka dotted in the movie), which has proved no easy task. I'm still not quite happy with the pattern itself but it's getting close and I had some fun playing with Illustrator and like the colors and the way the pattern works throughout the piece. I'm thinking, though, that perhaps the red floor with the pink elephants may hurt just a little bit...but for now I'm stopping the criticizing and starting the just being happy to have finished.