Thursday, June 26, 2008


"I Dare Ya" Digital
Finally back in the swing of things, here's this week's Illustration Friday submission for the theme of "hoard." Of course, now that I've started playing World of Warcraft with the rest of the nerd world, I had a different image pop into my head first, but it was WRONG, very wrong, so back to the animal practice.
This was a combined Illustrator-GIMP effort using some Redmond, WA watershed area pictures that may not have been integrated as smoothly as I would like. Probably it's the contrast to the overly smooth, Illustrator acorns....but oh well, it's good practice. I tried to make the squirrel a bit too realistic for good expressions. I was hoping to make him look a little bit more posessive. Otherwis, yay for making pictures again!


Rekoj said...

Same exact Hoard idea as mine!

rebecca woodward said...

Oooh, I like this! Especially those Illustrator acorns and the animal too. Very nice digital piece!