Thursday, February 5, 2009

A Near Dolly Experience

Monday afternoon I got a call from the editor of the magazine I'm working on saying that she had an extra press pass to a charity event that evening and did I want to go. She said there would be a lot of musicians there, but Dolly Parton was headlining it and I could go back stage with her to get interviews. She said we had fantastic seats. I was super excited. It was my mission to get my picture taken with Dolly. She's just so glittery and adorable.

I did some research before going to find out who the other musicians were. Kellie Pickler and Ronnie Dunn (Brooks and Dunn) would be there too. I looked up pictures and infor on the ones I didn't know. I put make up on.

When we got there, we were herded into a roped off area with other press while we waited to get brought in for interviews. And waited. Rumors circulated. It turns out 60 minutes and CMT were also there...and interviewing...and time passed. By the time we got back there the big people were either getting ready to go on or had just gone on. And just like that, my photo op with the great Ms. Parton passed. But I did get to see her perform (Jolene, Coat of Many Colors, and 9 to 5 with Kellie Pickler), and to prove I was about 5 feet from her, I have this, the clearest of my blurry pictures I took at her:


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