Friday, October 30, 2009

Up to Something

"To Sea" Arylic on Canvas
I haven't been very active about posting lately and it's my plan to change that...Hopefully I will be able to get the illustration of the week back on schedule, and I would like to send updates on what I'm doing in class and the dreaded Notre Dame de Paris project.
Today I finised a painting that I've been working on for years. Seriously. Not everyday, of course, but years. A bunch of them. This was for G:
"Glockenspiel" Acrylic, etc. on Canvas

Amazingly, after the bunches of years of dissatisfaction, I'm ready to be done with it and I feel as though it is ready to be done. Some day there may be a real clock in the clock face, but not yet. Because of that, I thought I would post the other two paintings I've finished in the last couple weeks. "To Sea" I started Monday and managed to bring to completion yesterday. And below is Cathy Jo's birthday present:

"Turtle Bird" Acrylic on Canvas

This was based on an excellent picture G took snorkling in Hawaii.

Pats self on back.

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