Sunday, June 27, 2010

Blog Fail

"Seaside Tryptich" 3 12"x24" Canvases
So there it is, finished. It's not my favorite painting ever, but it was a good exercise and I do think it came out pretty well. I like how the waves ended up looking ribbon-ish.
And meanwhile, I've started a new art journal. This time I've vowed to make a doodle a day. I think that will keep me in art shape better than my previously vague "something art related" a day. Also, I'm making it look pretty:
I also made these little tile paintings. They're 5"x5" each and I think I will make one more of each and hang them in my bathroom. Bathroom art is important. People have lots of time to look at it:

And a third abstract clover pattern painting. These I will hang vertically in the guest room which has a lot of black and whiteness going for it:

And last, but not least, the Father's Day Present:
"Donald with Margarita" 11"x18" Watercolor

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