Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Marie Antoinette Shoot

So Jennie Vicious (Vicious Threads) and I worked our butts off the end of last week for a last minute photo shoot. Initially, we were going for a sort of Marie Antoinette look. Jennie made an asymmetrical floral dress with vintage floral fabric and gold accents and a lace sleeve. I made a faux pearl choker and earring set, and my most over the top hat yet. And then somehow, when we met the adorable model Emily, we put her in an adorable auburn bob, and suddenly had a pseudo '60s look:
So we tried out one of my flower hats for a bit of a Jackie O' look
Jennie made this giant bow out of the same material, and suddenly it's a babydoll look

While we had our awesome team assembled, we got some pics of one of Jennie's dresses for an upcoming runway show and a giant peony hat that I made to match:
We teamed together to make this fabulous boho/flapperesque necklace combo:
And, getting a little crazy towards the end, we threw together this look, which somehow worked...
I made the clip to attach to the pearl choker, and the beaded pink robe is a unique find of Jennie's.

Josh did the photography again, and once again did an awesome job. All in all, it was a fun shoot, and once again, I have all kinds of things to load onto my site!


Kia Renee said...

do you make these clothes??? i love them!
especially the baby doll look!

Maren said...

Actually Jennie makes the clothes, I just to the accessories :)
You can find her shop here:
She makes amazing things!