Monday, August 8, 2011

Shiny New Product: Giant Bows!

"Coffee Break"

Back in March when I was working on the Alice in Wonderland shoot, one of the random things that I threw together was a giant black bow to go with one of Alice's dresses. We never used it in the shoot, but I really liked it! It was big and floppy, and fit around your head like a little hat when you put it on top of your head...and having never really made or even thought about making bows, I was super excited.
"Unicorn Princess"
Of course, over the spring, I got distracted by pretty flowers. But I sold my original Alice bow, made some more, added a purple one...and then a shiny pink one...and then just for fun the above one, which I made from a recycled business shirt and some vintage lace. So here's the current collection with more to come!

"Plum Pretty"


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