Friday, September 30, 2011

Fascinator Friday: Janine Basil

"The Queen of Hearts"
Ode to glitter (in the form of a bad haiku):

dazzled, the magpie's eye flutters
twinkle on her cheek, stuck forevermore
sparkle, glint gleam glitter, shine

The collection of Janine Basil is a much better homage to shininess.  Retro, rockabilly, and graphic inspired pieces pack a punch!  Catering to the flashy burlesque connoisseur, many of her pieces have a costume-feel, while others have a lovely, graphic quality that would serve to jazz up a daring fasionista's everyday garb.  Bold colors and shapes, all those rhinestones and glitter, looking through her collection is like browsing a deluxe candy shop.  No, really, my mouth is watering.

Janine Basil's web page:
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"Pow Rhinestone Fascinator"
"Burlesque Heart Fascinator"

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