Friday, September 9, 2011

Fascinator Friday: Orphelia

Black Mini Top Hat with Black and White Trim

Who isn't immediately drawn to a mini top hat? I'm certainly a fan. They're somehow both adorable and elegant at the same time with the added bonus of being able to be cocked at just the right angle - and as Frank Sinatra says, when it comes to hats, "angles are attitudes." Orphelia has quite a selection of attitudes in her shop. Catering to the burlesque, the steampunk aficionado as well as the stylish modern bride, her creations weigh more heavily on the elegant side of the scale while maintaining a sense of jaunty gaiety. So charming are her pieces, in fact, that the Victoria and Albert Museum acquired some for their new hat exhibition.

All hail the mini top hat!...and hats off (sorry) to Orphelia for giving them a new life!

You can browse her lovely wares on Etsy:

Mini Ivory Veiled Top Hat

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