Friday, September 16, 2011

Fascinator Friday with Miss Ruby Sue


Missrubysue's shop is bursting with color.  Flowers, feathers and frills are piled together into sweet and exciting combinations for babies, toddlers, adults and even puppy dogs.  A short description of her products reads "Accessories for Happy People" and it's impossible not to feel a playful joy just looking at them - imagine wearing one!  I had such a hard time excluding pictures from this post because everything is just so dang cute!  She also keeps a blog full of helpful advice for the makers out there trying to get a foothold, and from someone who's been featured on "the View" and "Good Morning America," that's really something.

You can find her shop at
She is also on Facebook and Twitter, and her blog is

"Just For Fun"

"Beyone the Playground 3"


Illusions Images said...

Love Miss Ruby Sue. Thank you for using one of my pics.

Maren said...

It's a beautiful pic! Thanks for taking it :)