Friday, January 6, 2012

Fascinator Friday Returns: Taissa Lada Designs

Vintage Inspired Black and White Feather Headband
 I love a good dramatic piece.  One that maybe barely fits in a normal-sized door, because, after-all, the grandeur of the woman wearing it is meant for a more throne-sized room.  An impressive hat can be the best hallmark for the woman of importance.  That is why I now direct your attention to Taissa Lada Designs.  With a flair for the dramatic, Taissa Lada creates pieces that are fit for runways and formal balls and royal court visits.  Featuring swooping feathers and sometimes a dab of netting, her creations are at once sassy and intense...and bound to make an impression.

You can find her store on Etsy and on Ebay

Also, she's having a sale...Go forth to inspire and be inspired!