Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Birds Part II: Nests and Feathers

After getting the birds settled in their fruit basket, I went outside to see if I could find some nesting materials that they could sit on. There wasn't a whole heck of a lot in the courtyard, so I thought I would wander around to the back to see if I could discover how they got in to our dryer vent in the first place. This is what I found. Yep, that would be bird's nest dangling from our dryer vent. It made it easy to figure out which one was ours. It also made it easier to get the babies some nesting material as there was about a handful of it on the ground.
I set it lightly in front of them (I've named them Eleanor and Marianne after the Sense and Sensibility sisters) and let them work it out for themselves. They slept on it over night, but later the next day, this is what I saw:


They seem to be doing ok without it though, today I added a little pinch back in to cover the poop.
Meanwhile I checked online to be sure of what kind of bird they are, and they are sparrows. So I've named dad, who's been coming to feed them instead of mom (undoubtably feeding the babies that remain in the dryer vent). I'm calling him Jack. I just can't help myself. He doesn't quite have the swagger, though, he's pretty jittery.
But I marvel at Eleanor and Marianne. Marianne didn't even have her feathers yet, and the two of them ventured about a hundred feet down the vent. My brave little adventuring bird friends. Here's how they look today:

Marianne (the younger one on top) is growing her feathers in pretty well!

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