Friday, July 11, 2008

The Birds Part III: Empty Nest

When I got up this morning and looked out the window, I could have sworn I saw two little birdies in a fruit bowl. But then a few hours later, I looked out and saw a little bird head poking out. I was thinking it was Eleanor getting adventurous again and about to come out for some flying practice. So I went around for a better look and found there was only one! Poor Marianne was distraught at being left all alone with the scary lady watching her. She was restless. When I came back from lunch a few hours later, there was no bird in the nest. Worried, I went outside to look, and there was Marianne, perched on the top! She was proud of herself and flapped around a little, but when she realized that flapping brought her closer to me, she panicked and started flapping around wildly. I put a piece of wood over by the railing so that she wouldn't accidentally fall, and then went in so that she might calm down. Instead, I watched as she hopped off of the edge. I panicked. I ran down below to make sure that she was okay, which she was, and chased her into a bush so that she would be more protected. Of course when I came back upstairs, Jack was here with a bug in his mouth looking for his baby girl. I'm pretty sure he gave me the evil eye.
But we rescued healthy babies, if impetuous ones, so I'm sure they'll be okay out there in the big world. We can only hope they've learned their lesson about dryer vents.
One lone little birdie

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