Friday, September 5, 2008

Published Author - Huzzah!

I'm sure my friends and family are tired of hearing about it, but as I worked my butt off on this, I'm really excited and feel the need to share with everyone. A German publisher called VDM published my senior thesis from Reed College (after G and I edited it to death). I have to admit, it was kind of fun to go back to it, but it was hard not to buy all the secondary sources that have been published since I wrote it originally and rethink the whole thing. As it is, we did a lot of restructuring.
To give a general overview, it's an analysis of three works of literature (Flaubert's Herodias, Huysmans' A Rebours, and Wilde's Salome) as well as some corrisponding works of art that feature the figure of Salome (who, in the Bible, danced for King Herod and asked for the head of John the Baptist).
I haven't seen the actual book yet, I'm still waiting for my copies, but it is available on Yay for me! (pats self on back)

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