Thursday, February 12, 2009


"Time" Mixed Media

This piece went through a remarkable amount of steps for not a lot to show for it. It started as a sketch, and then I picked out some wood grain and some details in colored pencil:

My hands were shiney with graphite. Then I watercolored it to make it more wood colored, and then painted light color on top of that: I used metallic paint for the numbers and hands. Still not liking it, I layered both in Gimp, duplicated, multiplied, merged, smudged and came out with the top image.
The clock is modled after cuckoo clocks, which I secretly think are really cool. The four women are meant to symbolize the four seasons. The bottom figures that rotate were meant to represent the course of the day (evening in the red dress, morning is emerging in a nightgown and slippers). The upper figures are representative of aging, old man is emerging, and there is sort of a figure of a baby behind the fence to the left of him. The clock also has a slot to show the moon cycle.


studio lolo said...

I think this is really nice! Thanks for sharing the process.

Flor Larios Art said...

I like it...very well done!