Thursday, March 19, 2009


"Alligators in the Sewers" Watercolor, Colored Pencil, Digital
Legend usually would make me think of mythology or fairy tales, subjects that I am very drawn to. And I did have some Greek goddesses flash to mind as well as scenes from the movies "Legend" (you know, the one with the unicorns and the glitter and a wee Tom Cruise donning armor and going after a large-horned Tim Curry?). But nonetheless, while urban legends aren't so much my thing, I thought it would be fun to illustrate one. The sewers are modeled after some really immense looking Japanese sewers because of their imensity and the columns (reminiscent of the Greek legend appeal).
As I was working on it, I sort of wished that I had gone for something a bit lighter, especially because of the warm sunny weather we're having here, but I had already committed. So hopefully something lighter for next week.
So there you go, once again trying to get back into the swing of things!

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