Thursday, February 18, 2010

Catch Up

So, to start, I've decorated one of the wood medallions that I was working on the other day and I quite like it.
I also realized that I've never posted the animals that I've been making for G. I started them a little over a year ago and I've been adding to them ever since. Now there are 5. They are all 4"x4", so you're seeing them about life-size:
White Nosed Rhino, 1/16/2010

Lion 1/16/2009

Zebras 12/25/2009

Flamingos 2/14/2010

Elephants 12/25/2010

And one more:
I find that no matter how much fiddling I do in Gimp, if I take a picture of a painting inside, I can't get the colors right. It turns out that it comes out much better if I take it outside. So, taking advantage of the sunshine today, I redid the Moorish Idol, this is more what it actually looks like.

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