Thursday, April 29, 2010

Quality Over Quantity?

"Beeches and Blackberries" Acrylic on Canvas, 18"x24"
So, I happen to be very proud of this painting. For one, I've never tried to paint trees. Mostly because my experience trying to draw trees has ended in serious frustration and a general feeling that all this art stuff is a waste of time, given the obvious lack of talent. But when I was going through my picture archives and I found this one of a bike path in Watershed Park (Redmond, WA) I had an idea of how I might paint the trees. And it worked! Probably it has something to do with Mom's recent tree painting class and her amazing paintings from said class. And I had Hazel's yelling at me for making the distant tree tunnel too dark. But I think I did darn good. And while I still see a couple of things I could improve upon, I feel redeemed.
The only other thing that I finished this week is the Pooh with Coffee:
Which I forgot to take a picture of before framing him. I got myself a new set of real watercolors, so it was easier to make him all nice and smooth looking. And I like the coloring. So here they are together in Coffee Corner:

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