Friday, March 25, 2011

Art Class

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland - Still Life Graphite and Watercolor

So Art Class is back up and running, and the assignment I assigned was to do a still life (any medium, any subject) and to focus on textures and how to differentiate them from each other. Of course, it seemed simple at the time, but these things always take on a life of their own. So the above is mine, I maybe had Alice in Wonderland on my mind a little bit at the time, hence the theme. But yes! I am still doodling a bit!
For this one I started out in pencil on watercolor paper, but a lot of what I liked about my set up were the little bits of color. So I thought maybe I'd add little touches of water color in the vase and on the rose and maybe the red heart ring...Of course then, the rest of it had a different texture. So I watercolored on top of the entire thing. The effect is sort of a gritty, faded illustration look, which is kind of cool, but more work than I wanted it to be, so I doubt I'll ever do it least on purpose.

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